Discretization of an RC Lowpass Filter

Over recent years Andy Simper has been posting novel digital audio filters derived from analog circuits using standard numerical techniques. I am a neophyte at numerical circuit modelling, so it was no surprise that I found some of Andy’s maths a bit terse and difficult to digest. In an effort to understand the basics I wrote up my own “pre-digested” version of the steps required to take an RC lowpass filter circuit and apply trapezoidal integration to generate the source code to model it (approximately).

You can read my article “Discretization of an RC Lowpass Filter” here [pdf].

Or go read Andy’s articles.

The source .tex file for my article is on github. Please feel free to post bugs, comments or corrections there, or send me an email.

Many thanks to Andy and the kind folks on #musicdsp for helping me through this.


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