I use computers to make music. Often this involves writing software to get the sounds I’m after. Lately I’ve been focusing on performing improvised music with my AudioMulch software.

Performance recordings

Audio and a short video clip of my performance at More Talk Less Action on 7 August 2014 is archived here.

Toff Clicks 3 @ Ghent Sessions September 2011

Castlemaine Pulses 1b @ Ghent Sessions September 2011

In 2001 I played a small concert in Bram De Jong’s home in Ghent. It was the first Ghent Session. In 2011 we did it again. Above are recordings of the 2011 session. These are versions of patches that I have performed previously. The first was originally created for a support for Icarus at The Toff in Melbourne, the second was for Undue Noise at the Castlemaine State Festival (hence the names). Usually I perform the first piece with live input from a microphone, the version here is just an extended version of the intro. It uses the following CC licenced samples from guitar_overthesea.wav by BORDELL and rbh train freight by.wav by RHumphries. Beware: these tracks are unmastered. The second one gets rather peaky in the middle section.

REV05 Concert 2

In July 2005 I performed two concerts at the REV (Real, Electronic, Virtual) festival in Brisbane. This recording is the whole 40 minute improvisation from the second concert. Most of the sounds are generated in real time with AudioMulch. I’m also processing some recordings, including one of me playing piano.

You can check out my remix of Plink’s “Mary Antonita” on their myspace page

Autonomic Study

In February 2001 I performed an improvised composition entitled Dreamscape Resonances at a concert called Autonomic in Melbourne. The whole thing had about 8 different movements and was performed in 8 channel Ambisonic surround sound. Unfortunately no recording was made of the performance. This is a preparatory study I made prior to the concert.

Angelfire (excerpt)

An excerpt from my algorithmic composition angelfire. The whole piece is 10:28 in duration and was produced in Ambisonic surround sound. Composed for a concert in Adelaide in the late 90’s.

Gesture sound experiments

In 2007 Danielle Wilde, Somaya Langley and I conducted a residency at STEIM where we explored new processes and techniques for mapping physical gestures to sound for musical performance. The outcomes including videos, discussion and conference paper are here. I received support from ANAT for this project. You can read the report I wrote for ANAT here.


Together with Steve Adam and Tim Kreger I am part of the Simulus ensemble, an improvising electroacoustic performance group. You can find our music on iTunes.