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Computer music conference calendar

I’m starting to think it’s about time I went overseas again. I havn’t travelled outside Australia since 2007. For me, conferences and festivals often provide a good excuse to travel. So I put together a Google Calendar of computer music related conferences (If you’d like to add it to your gcal the Calendar ID is: 3qu0trk0rqjh8ij9a2e9v4nd7s@group.calendar.google.com ). Feel free to share it around.

The list below should automatically stay in sync with the Google Calendar version:

| cetsEmbedRSS id=’http://feed43.com/cmconferencecalendar.xml?v=2′ itemcount=0 itemauthor=0 itemdate=0 itemcontent=0 |

I doubt this is an exhaustive list. Mostly these are conferences I’ve attended in the past or ones my friends attend. Please let me know in the comments if I’ve missed anything and I’ll add it. Thanks to everyone on the ACMA-L mailing list who helped fill in the blanks so far.

Update: For a slightly less biased list (no dates though) Sound and Music Computing network maintain a list of relevant conferences.

P.S. If you’re interested in how I got the Google Calendar data to reflect into WordPress: I used Feed43 to convert Google Calendar RSS into something the WordPress emebed-rss plugin could digest. Thanks to Helen’s nerdy blog for instructions on the Feed43 stuff. Here’s the raw RSS feed from Feed43.