MIDIio X-Tra

NEWS: August 1, 2013 — MIDIio X-tra is now available for Mac OS X.

MIDIio is an X-tra (plug-in) for Adobe Director that lets you send and receive MIDI messages in real-time. MIDIio provides MIDI input and output functions that lets Lingo to control external MIDI synthesizers or other MIDI devices, and lets Lingo respond to externally generated MIDI messages.

MIDIio is available for Windows and Mac OS X. An earlier version supporting Mac OS 9 is also available.


Versions of the MIDIio Xtra are available for 32bit Windows systems, Mac OS X and pre-Mac OS X Macintosh, see the downloads section below. MIDIio is distributed with an example movie that works with Director version 6.5 and later.

Shockwave compatibility

MIDIio is Shockwave compatible, however an automatic download service is not provided, so you will need to set this up yourself unless you can get the user to manually install the Xtra on their machine. In other words, it is “shockwave safe” but is not provided in “packaged” form. 

Pricing and licensing

MIDIio is distributed in an unregistered form which only allows it to be used within the Director authoring environment. You can purchase a license key that will unlock the Xtra to work outside the Director authoring environment (such as in Projectors and Shockwave movies.)

Developer licenses can be purchased for US$99 per platform using one of the links below (PayPal and credit card payments accepted):

Buy now for Windows
Buy now for Macintosh

One license permits a single developer on a single machine to author using MIDIio. This license includes unlimited runtime distribution rights on the licensed platform(s). After you place your order a licence key will be supplied which allows MIDIio to function outside the Director authoring environment (in Projectors and Shockwave movies.) Keys are generated manually. Please allow 1-2 days for processing.


Download the latest versions of the MIDIio Xtra for Windows and Macintosh using the links below. These versions are provided as-is, for testing and evaluation purposes only. You are prohibited from distributing this version of MIDIio without a valid license key. Please send any comments or bug reports to the author, Ross Bencina.

32 bit Windows MIDIio X-Tra 1.0b6 (.zip file, 277kb)

Macintosh OS X MIDIio X-Tra 1.0b8 (.zip file, 390kb)

MIDIio X-Tra 1.0 Documentation (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 215kb) [get acrobat reader]

Very simple tests/usage examples (Director 12 format) (.zip file, 24kb)

OLD: Pre-OS X Macintosh MIDIio X-Tra 1.0b5* (.sit.hqx file, 56kb)

* The old pre-OS X Macintosh version of MIDIio requires Opcode’s OMS (Open Music System) version 2.0 or later (available here.)


If you’re looking for a technical guide to MIDI I can recommend the MIDI technical fanatic’s brainwashing center. More specifically, the MIDI spec pages.


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.