A collection of audio peak (aka overview) files

source1.wav ~5 second 16bit stereo wave file

Below is a collection of peak files for the above wave file, generated by various audio editing programs. If you have any information about the format of these peak files, or can deduce anything from the files themselves, please let me know so I can add further information on this page. Please send any additional peak files for source1.wav generated by other applications to rossb@audiomulch.com .

Thanks to everyone who has contributed a peak file to this page.

The peak files

source1.pk CoolEdit Pro 2 peak file

source1_v5.sfk SoundForge 5 peak file (‘_v5’ manually added)

source1_v6.sfk SoundForge 6 peak file (‘_v6’ manually added). SF6 provides settings to control some parameters of the peak file generation process, this could account for the differences between this file and the SF5 one.

source1.gpk WaveLab 4.0d peak file

source1–1–10f5ee.WOV Cakewalk SONAR 2.1 overview file (‘–1–10f5ee’ added by SONAR). This file has the same format as a RIFF WAVE file.

source1.ovm Logic Audio Platinum 5.3 overview file