June 25, 2013. OSCgroups and oscpack have been cleaned up and updated for 64-bit compatibility. You can get the latest source code and prebuilt binaries for Windows and Mac over at googlecode code.google.com/p/oscgroups/

August 11, 2010. OSCgroups source code is now hosted on googlecode at code.google.com/p/oscgroups/


OSCgroups is a system for routing OSC messages between a group of collaborating users. It is designed to make joining and leaving a group simple, and to overcome the problem of connecting multiple users behind different NAT routers using a NAT traversal server with the usual “NAT hole punching” scheme (you can put that into google for more info). OSCgroups also implements basic group functionality similar to the concept of channels in internet relay chat. You can read the README file for more info.


OSCgroups is in use all over the place. It has been used for performances (The Hub and others), installations, teaching (Georgia Tech, Mills College, University of Calgary, Central Conservatory of Music Beijing) and by researchers around the world. I don’t have a complete list of users, sorry (but please do let me know if you’re using it).

The code base has recently (January-June 2013) undergone an overhaul in order to improve support of 64 bit platforms. An IPv6 version is in the works.

There is currently no publicly advertised OSCgroups server. We recommend that you run your own server.

Code reviews and bug reports will be happily received.

Supported platforms

OSCgroups has been compiled and used on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It has been tested on 32 and 64 bit platforms. There could be bugs, if you find any please let us know and we’ll fix them. Please report bugs on our googlecode bug tracker.


Recent OSCgroups snapshots can be downloaded below. The file name format is year_month_day_hourminute. In the Subversion repository (see below) interoperable versions of OSCgroups and oscpack are tagged with the same date/timestamp.

Older shapshots:

Subversion access

The OSCgroups source code is now hosted in an SVN repository at googlecode. You can access it here: code.google.com/p/oscgroups/

Terms of use

OSCgroups is distributed under the GPL.

OSCgroups uses oscpack for OSC communication, which is distributed under the MIT open source license.

Please feel free to email comments to me at rossb@audiomulch.com

See also

For more information about Open Sound Control, see the Open Sound Control home page.


Thanks to University Pompeu Fabra for providing a public OSCgroups server for a long time.

Thanks to Tim Kreger, the guys from the reacTable, and the Hub for being beta testers and helping with cross platform debugging issues.

Originally developed at the Music Technology Group, Audiovisual Institute, University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, June 2005.

Thanks to Syneme at the University of Calgary for providing financial support for the 2013 64-bit update.

Thanks to Rob Canning for his help with testing on Linux x64.