Ancient software

What can I say? I have difficulty throwing old things away. Here’s a few old pre-MacOS X sound processing programs for the Macintosh that I wrote or modified. They’re mainly here for archival and historical reasons now. Click on their icons or names to download them.

CurveControl 0.13
An envelope editor to control granular synthesis. Sometimes refered to as CurveControlGM. Granulates soundfiles or outputs Csound scores.

CurveControl 0.2.96
This version edits ftables for CSoundRB or any other program using AppleEvents. README

CSoundRB881 and CSoundRB
Backgrounding CSound for 68k Macs with and without an FPU respectively, with gen routine for CurveControl. README

Real-Time sound granulator for Power Macintosh. README

MacCmix and MacCmix Extras
A port of Princeton CMix to the Mac (ANSI C). Use AppleScript to script disk-based sound processing routines written in C. README

If you have an ‘040 NeXTstation lying around here’s a real-time granulator I wrote that uses the 56k DSP chip.